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They’ve been sleeping next to me for the past hour in this chair and aw

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    On Tegan playing a show without Sara

  • Tegan: We had a street team, this was like early 2000s so I called and someone from the street team picked me up..
  • Fan: That was me!
  • Sara: It was you? ...Okay so how do we know you're not just saying that, what did you do for Tegan?
  • Fan: Piers called me and I had to go to Walmart
  •  *audience laughing*
  • Tegan: Wait, wait, wait, shh.
  • Sara: Hold in your laughter, hold on.
  • Fan: I went to pick up art supplies and then I met Tegan at the (?) Victoria park, then she gave me Sara's backstage pass, we glued some bristle board together, Tegan lay down, I was tracing her...
  • Tegan: It's true, this is a true story.
  • Fan: I got inbetween her legs and she goes "do you know how many people wanna be here right now"
  • Tegan: Obviously.
  • Sara: That sounds like something Tegan would say, okay so..
  • Fan: We did a cut out of Tegan to create a Sara and uh, stuck you to a microphone stand..
  • Sara: Just in case anyone's missing this, they basically made a bristle board me and then they stuck me to a micrphone stand.
  • Fan: Sara, I got to talk to you on the phone.
  • Sara: You did, you did talk to me on the phone.
  • Fan: And the Tegan threw up before she went on stage.
  • Tegan: I was very nervous, yes, and then I got up on stage and then what happened?
  • Fan: You didn't know Sara's parts so the crowd sang Sara's parts for you.

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My friend and I were going to go to a You Me At Six concert but it got rescheduled and neither of us are going to be able to go since it is on a Friday night and we are in the marching band so if you want to buy a ticket (he has one VIP ticket and two general admission tickets) message me and I’ll let him know. The VIP ticket is going to be sold for $60 and the general admission tickets are going to be $20 each. The concert is in Atlanta by the way.


You can contact me here or contact him here or here if you are interested.

It’s October 3rd btw

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“Do you hear that pounding? That’s Tegan, I locked her away. We like to play little games with each other, little tricks… So she’s in a coffin”

Sara Quin (via ellenopia)

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It borders on criminal how underappreciated Sainthood is

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